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We all enjoy a few luxuries in life and dad is no exception. As one of the most important people in your life he gives his love, support and trust freely expecting little in return. Just seeing his family happy and his children grow and blossom is enough to keep him happy.

In today's hectic life dad is often overlooked when it comes to those little luxuries in life so LUXURY GIFTS FOR DAD have assembled a portfolio of quality luxury gifts to bring a smile to his face and to show him how special he is to you.

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JEWELLERY & WATCHES make a lovely personal gift for dad.



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A watch makes a lovely present for your dad and there are plenty of choice from the top brand names. There are watches from modern favourites like DKNY and Emporio Armani, iconic watches from TAG Heuer and Omega, and watches from the classic fashion houses of Dior and Gucci. So whether your dad would prefer cutting edge modernity or a watch with vintage elegance there will be a watch to suit your dad's taste.

Top Brand name watches from: TAG Heure, Omega, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Dior, Seiko, Citizen, Gucci) More info





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